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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Guesstaurant?

Because no fun in eating without teasing your friends. So click before you eat next time and challenge your friends to guess.

Q. When do you use us?

Every time you visit a restaurant and if you have friends and we are sure you are good at both.

Q. What are spoons?

Come on. Don't tell us you never stole a spoon from a restaurant or hotel. All of us do it. Anyways now there is a better way to do it.

Q. How do I earn spoons?

It is easy. You do stuff on the site and you get spoons. Upload a photo, add something to Yummy or guess some dishes. And remember there is negative marking too.

Q. Do you have a mobile app?

We are working on it. Coming soon.

Q. What if I want to talk to the guy who made this?

You can drop email to bkbirla at the rate of guesstaurant dot com. He is a nice dude and might even offer you coffee if you visit him. Don't take offense if he clicks food pics instead of your pics during the meeting.

Q. What if government bans you for promoting food "porn"?

Kasam paida karne waale ki, I will post food pics from jail and ask you to guess the jail.